15 June–16 June 2023

SYNERGY Conference on how to ensure Roma women’s access to justice


15 June 2023 09:30 — 16 June 2023 13:30


Sofia, Bulgaria

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SYNERGY Network members

About the event

“Working together for a Europe free from violence - ensuring Roma women’s access to justice to assert their right to be free from violence”

This conference will support EEA and Norway Grants stakeholders in their efforts to ensure access to justice for Roma women, and affirm the right to live a life free from violence. Through this conference, the hope is to contribute to the improvement of all current and future EEA and Norway Grants programs that address domestic and gender-based violence against women.

The conference will focus on several critical areas, including the participation of Roma women and other minority groups in programming, the prevention of violence against women, the protection of victims, and the prosecution of perpetrators. 

Host: The European Institute Foundation Bulgaria - in cooperation with the Norwegian Ministry of Justice and Public Security, and the Council of 

Supported by: EEA and Norway Grants

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