29 Nov 2022

Gender equality in the digital age: a task for Europe. Combating gender-based cyber-violence


29 Nov 10:00 – 16:15

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25 November

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Concerned that sexism is linked to violence against women and girls, whereby acts of “everyday” sexism are part of a continuum of violence creating a climate of intimidation, fear, discrimination, exclusion and insecurity which limits opportunities and freedom;

Aware that sexism and sexist behaviour are perpetrated at the individual, institutional and structural levels, and experienced with detrimental effect at all three levels, and that measures to prevent and combat sexism should therefore be taken at all levels.
CoE, Council of Ministers in Recommendation on Preventing and Combating Sexism

Cyber violence particularly impacts women active in public life, such as politicians, journalists and human rights defenders. This can have the effect of silencing women, hindering their societal participation and undermining the principle of democracy as enshrined in the Treaty on European Union.” Proposal for a directive of the European Parliament and of the Council on combating violence against women and domestic violence

The conference is organised by the Office of the government of the Czech Republic and held as a part of the Czech Presidency of the Council of the EU.

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