Integrated policies must

  • Be comprehensive and offer a holistic response to violence against women.
  • Place the rights of the victim at the centre of all measures and be implemented without discrimination.
  • Be implemented by way of cooperation between all relevant actors, such as government agencies, the national, regional and local parliaments and authorities, national human rights institutions and civil society organisations.
  • Support, recognise and encourage work of civil society and relevant non-governmental organisations and establish effective cooperation with these organisations.
  • Allocate appropriate financial and human resources for the adequate implementation of integrated policies, measures and programmes.
  • Be based on research and statistics. Relevant statistical data on violence against women must be collected, and research into the root causes of and the effect of measures addressing violence against women must be financed. Gathered knowledge and information must be made easily available to the public.
  • Be coordinated, implemented, monitored and evaluated by one or more coordinating bodies established for this purpose.

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